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TBEA Xi'an Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise affiffiffiliated to TBEA Group thatspecializes in R&D of core equipment and provision of core technical solutions in smart PV powergeneration, power quality management and smart micro-grid fifield etc. The Company mainly producesPV inverters, high-voltage SVG, power routers and energy storage system. With the support of powerelectronics technology, the Company is dedicated to the technology exploration of clean energypower generation, smart power distribution and management of comprehensive energy and smartmicro-grid, to accelerate the technological advancement of the energy industry and drive innovation inenergy technologies.

Since its establishment in 2000, the company has always taken technological innovation as the foundation of development, and established the world's leading energy Internet and power electronics laboratory, GW class photovoltaic system key equipment digital production workshop; It has cultivated a professional r&d team of more than 360 people, led by a team of returned scientists, led by doctors in innovative projects, and backbone by senior power electronics product development engineers. Company successively undertook the national 863, more than 20 countries, such as science and technology support plan of major scientific research projects, drafting a number of national standards and to obtain all kinds of more than 400 patent, was awarded the "national local joint engineering laboratory", "national post-doctoral scientific research workstation", "national patent and innovative pilot enterprises" and other various honors, is few in the industry to master one of a number of core technology of independent enterprises.

In the field of photovoltaic power generation, after 19 years of unremitting efforts, the company completed the development and industrialization of the whole series of 3kW-5000kW grid-connected inverter products, and launched a one-stop intelligent photovoltaic power station solution, leading the industry's technical development direction. The products are applied in large ground, water surface, complex mountain, roof and other environments, and serve more than 1000 centralized and distributed photovoltaic power stations. The business covers 12 countries on 4 continents worldwide, and the global cumulative installed capacity exceeds 25GW.

In the field of power quality management, the company has focused on the research and development of the whole series of TSVG products, and completed the whole series of 3kv-35kv / 1-120mvar high-voltage TSVG products. The product system adopts the high-voltage chain topology structure, with the advanced control system architecture and control strategy, and the online operating rate of the system > 99.9%, providing system solutions for new energy power generation, steel, rail transit and other environments with frequent load changes. At present, TSVG's cumulative sales volume has broken through 5Gvar.

In the field of smart micro grid, the company takes power router as the high-end technology leader, and takes key products such as micro grid cloud platform, energy management system and modular energy storage system as the core support, forming the intelligent micro grid solution of "two-end, three-layer and multi-scene". Among them, the company independent research and development of the world's first sets 10 kv / 1 mva electric router, successful application of the world's first pv high voltage grid power plant, the main performance indicators at the international leading level, which can realize a micro power grid, the fusion of the secondary equipment and "net - source - load - store" flexible access and scheduling, can be widely applied in new energy power systems, energy storage power station, electric vehicle charging station, micro power grid.

In terms of intelligence operations, based on large data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence and other advanced technology, relying on the change especially electrician in electrical engineering, especially the wind/light capabilities of system integration and intelligent electric power equipment developed by the ecological advantages, the company built a TB - eCloud wisdom energy cloud platform, access to the photovoltaic (pv) and wind power capacity exceeds 1 gw, the huge amounts of data on the power station, all-round real-time acquisition and efficient transmission, precise, intelligent processing and multidimensional, efficient, intelligent, easy precision, photovoltaic power station, collectivization, the whole life cycle of operations management.

In the future,Tbea xi 'an electric technology co., LTD will stick to the development mission of "dedicating green energy and creating a better life",with the core, to develop reliable insisted on leading technology, service, drive and focus on photovoltaic power generation, power quality management wisdom and intelligent micro grid technology innovation, to build a new generation of energy to the Internet, in the service of ten clean energy base, a large power station, thousands of families, to become the world's biggest wisdom green energy solutions provider.