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     After decades of development, the Company has accumulated substantial experience
in PV power generation technology research. For years, it has established a long-term
industry-university-research cooperation and exchange platform with domestically wellknown
power electronics research teams from Tsinghua University, Xi’an Jiaotong
University, etc., effectively complemented each other's advantages, accelerated
conversion of sci-tech achievements, cultivated and founded a quality research and
development team, doctors and masters as the core, 60% with master or higher
      As a supporting unit for “National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of PV
Engineering”, the Company has successively undertaken research tasks for over thirty
key topics such as National 863 Program Key Topic, Fifteen National Sci-tech Key
Topic, National Energy Administration and National Development and Reform
Commission and obtained nearly a hundred of relevant patents. Meanwhile, as one of
the few enterprises mastering multiple PV off-grid/on-grid control core technology in
the field, the Company has successively participated in drafting and review of multiple
national and industrial codes.
      In possession of all series of PV on-grid inverter products ranging from 3kW to
2,000kW of independent development and manufacture, the Company is able to satisfy
demands ranging from household system to ultra-scale hundred-megawatt PV on-grid
power station. Currently, all the series of products in the Company have been able to
pass domestic and foreign core authentications and tests and performance indicators
of products fully meet requirements of solar PV power generation industry in Europe,
America, North Africa, Central Asia, etc. At present, these products have been in mass
application in hundreds of power stations both at home and abroad.