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2nd-phase PV Power Generation Project in Hami of CPI (China Power Investment Coo

Release time:2015-03-28 The author:信息员

      20MW PV Grid-connected Power Station Project in Hami of CPI Xinjiang Branch is located at Shichengzi PV Power Generation Park of Tianshan County, 20km away to North Hami City with altitude from 1040m to 1070m. The station is near the city center, with No. S303 Provincial Road and Hami Bayi Avenue respectively pass through from 4km of east side and 2km of west side with convenient traffic.

      Total capacity of the power station is 20MW, constituted by 21 sub-matrixes of 1.08MW; the pressure of each sub-matrix is raised to 35kV through 2 sets of 500kW inverter and 1 set of 35kV box-type boosting transformer; every 7 sets of 35kV transformers constitute one combined feeder unit; totally three such units are accessed to 35kV bus and then one unit is outlet to 220kV collection station in the district.

      32 sets of 500kW grid-connected inverter of our company are applied in the project and grid connection was completed in June, 2013; until now, it has been functioning for almost a year with stable operation.


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