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10MW PV Power Generation Project in Xianghuang Banner of Shenzhen Energy North H

Release time:2015-03-28 The author:信息员

      The 10MW PV Power Generation 1st-phase Project in Xianghuang Banner of Shenzhen Energy North Holding is located at Naren County, around 65km away from the Northeast of Xianghuang Banner, Inner Mongolia's Xilingol League. Long-term scheduled capacity is 100MW and capacity of the current phase is 20MW. The area is degraded grassland with gentle topography, the surface elevation of which is around 1230 to 1250m.

      According to the layout of the PV array, there are totally 20 sets of 1000kW polysilicon PV power generation units, with total capacity of 20.188MW.

      10 sets of 1MW integrated machine rooms are applied in the project. Since one-time grid connection of in December, 2013, the project has been functioning smoothly.


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