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TBEA Won the “Top Ten PV Enterprises for Inverter Quality”

Release time:2019-08-01 The author:信息员

From EQ(the leading solar magazine in India)

Recently, the 2019 Photovoltaic Reliability Conference of China (PVRC) hosted by the China Renewable Energy Society was held in Suzhou, China. The TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to participate and shared TBEA photovoltaic solutions and product reliability. In the 2019 photovoltaic product quality top ten enterprise selection, the Company won the honor of “Top Ten PV Enterprises for Inverter Quality”.

      For the string inverter, TBEA offers Optimal LCOE Solution, with TS208KTL-HV, the new 1500V multi MPPT string inverter as the core product. TC208KTL-HV can increase comprehensive income by 7%+ by reaching maximum output power of 230kW. This product has various features like Anti-PID function, remote monitoring solution, I-V Curve intelligent monitoring, PLC &WiFi based communication and also TB-eCloud lean Q&M.

      For the centralized inverter, the core product of TBEA solution is the 5MW Outdoor Central Inverter series which adopts advanced parallel design technology, supporting up to 5MW unit, compatible with 3.75MW, 2.5MW and 1.25MW, while the DC side supports a 1.5x high DC/AC ratio system design.

      TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise affiliated to TBEA Group that specializes in R&D of core equipment and provision of core technical solutions in smart PV power generation, power quality management and smart micro-grid etc. The Company mainly produces PV inverters, high-voltage SVGs, energy routers and energy storage system. With the support of power electronics technology, the Company is dedicated to the technology exploration of clean energy power generation, smart power distribution and management of comprehensive energy and smart micro-grid, to accelerate the technological advancement of the energy industry and drive innovation in energy technologies.

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